Royal Gatekeepers

What is a Royal Gatekeeper?

A Royal Gatekeeper is someone who embraces and supports the vision, purpose, and impact of this ministry. This friendship is demonstrated through personal prayer and financial support. As you pray and give, you also guard, protect, and ensure its effectiveness. It is our prayer that through this ministry your life will be blessed, transformed, and inspired to become a blessing to us. In this dark hour, it is High Time for the Light of the Gospel to be preached into the Whole World. We pray that you would see the need and become a Royal Gatekeeper. In this, may Christ be glorified and may the blessings of the Lord rest richly upon you and your family forever, In Jesus’ Name!

The Vision

1. The Proclamation of the Gospel to the whole world and the Preparation of current and future generations for the coming King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus the Christ!!
2. The Distribution of Bibles, tracts, and the establishment of Bible Studies in various inner city communities.
3. The Growth and Development of the Body of Jesus Christ (the church) into her fullness. The establishing and re-establishing of her foundations so that is might assume stability, strength, and reflect her Master’s Glory.
4. The Resurrection of the lowly, discouraged, downtrodden and spiritually dead through Biblically Sound teaching.
5. The Revealing of the Heart of God to His people.


Royal Gatekeeper – Bronze
at $20 monthly:

1. A monthly CD or digital download
2. A quarterly newsletter or E-letter from the ministry.
3. A personal letter of thanks and appreciation from the ministry.

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Royal Gatekeeper – Silver
at $30 monthly:

Same as above. (RG1)
PLUS, an annual gift from the ministry as a special thanks you.

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Royal Gatekeeper – Gold
at $50 monthly:

Same as above. (RG1&2)
PLUS, an additional CD every month.

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Royal Gatekeepers Monthly Payment

Other Amount:

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