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  • What Are The True Riches?

    How do you define rich? The possession and accumulation of money, houses, cars, land and/or status? Would having a great abundance of wealth to do as you please be primarily it?

    Well, consider this, God made the earth to be a reflection of heaven, almost everything that is found here is a reflection of something similar that can be found there. For example, the Bible teaches us in Revelations 22 that there will be trees, rivers, and fruit in heaven. As you know, we have all of those things here.

    Following this train of thought, Jesus makes some interesting points. In Luke 16:11 he says “Who will give to you the true riches?” Also in verse 13 he says, “You cannot serve God and money” Allow me to address this point. If there are true riches, then there must be also what? False riches. Exactly. In Mark 4:19, Jesus calls the riches of this world deceitful. Deceitful means “a delusion or that which gives a false impression”. We are brainwashed from the time we are born to go after the riches of this world with all of our might, without reservation or hesitation. We are taught directly and indirectly, to go after it, because this is the only path to your ultimate utopia.

    However, statics alone would teach us that the suicide rate amongst the wealthy and their descendants is absolutely astonishing. Many of them would give up all their wealth if they could just have peace. Speaking of which, cannot be bought. Neither can love, joy,or patience. Never mind intimacy with the Creator of the Universe or knowing His reason for creating you, something all of us long to know.

    Let me give you five ways the riches of this world deceive us, then I’ll conclude:
    1. They deceive us into depending more on them and less on God
    2. They deceive us into thinking more of ourselves than we should.
    3. They deceive us into thinking less of others than we should.
    4. They deceive us into focusing more on this world than the next world.
    5. They deceive us by distracting us from recognizing what the true riches are.

    Remember this statement, Those who think the most of heaven, do the most on earth. The true riches are HIDDEN in Christ. You must FIRST find Him. Then dig as deep as you can, to get as close as you can, to discover the great wealth that awaits you. It is in the discovery of Christ and the riches that are in Him, that we discover the keys to unlock the very riches that are inside of us. This is, in the truest sense what our hearts so desperately desire.

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